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Cargo Cube


  • Image of Cargo Cube

When making dioramas it is all about the details. Populate some space with these authentic accessories! Please allow to 2 weeks for parts to be made then shipped.

Image of Kitty
Image of Tank Robot
Tank Robot
Image of Clear light fixture
Clear light fixture
Image of Painted and weathered diorama set 1
Painted and weathered diorama set 1
Image of Space Western Diorama Accessories 1:12 scale
Space Western Diorama Accessories 1:12 scale
Image of Container Selection
Container Selection
Image of Sky Child
Sky Child
Image of Pottery Set Large
Pottery Set Large
Image of Owl
Image of Cooling Barrel by FigureWorks
Cooling Barrel by FigureWorks
Image of Pottery Set
Pottery Set
Image of Cube with Canisters
Cube with Canisters
Image of Equipment Container
Equipment Container
Image of Ammo Cube
Ammo Cube
Image of Skull and Spine
Skull and Spine
Image of Farm Boy Battle Pack
Farm Boy Battle Pack
Image of Customizable Piping
Customizable Piping
Image of Electrical Conduit
Electrical Conduit
Image of Solo Hound
Solo Hound
Image of Outlander Survival Kit
Outlander Survival Kit
Image of Evil Master Hologram
Evil Master Hologram
Image of Flame Effects
Flame Effects
Image of Sentinel Kit
Sentinel Kit
Image of Swamp Survival Set
Swamp Survival Set
Image of Forest Battle Pack
Forest Battle Pack
Image of Homestead Droid
Homestead Droid
Image of Control Panel A
Control Panel A
Image of Radio Control Box
Radio Control Box
Image of Omnibox
Image of Tool Box Set
Tool Box Set
Image of Swamp Cargo Box
Swamp Cargo Box
Image of Large and Small Open Bins
Large and Small Open Bins
Image of Space Station Ammo Case
Space Station Ammo Case
Image of Pickle Barrel Set by FigureWorks
Pickle Barrel Set by FigureWorks
Image of Power Box
Power Box
Image of Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell
Image of Weathered Machinery
Weathered Machinery
Image of Old Hermit's Trunk
Old Hermit's Trunk
Image of Cantina Table and Chairs
Cantina Table and Chairs
Image of Freezer Floor Grate
Freezer Floor Grate
Image of Frozen Smuggler
Frozen Smuggler
Image of Gangster Slug's Armrest and Hookah
Gangster Slug's Armrest and Hookah
Image of Gargoyles
Image of Palace Pillow Set of 7
Palace Pillow Set of 7
Image of Urn and Fruit Set
Urn and Fruit Set
Image of Food and Drink Set
Food and Drink Set
Image of Fan Leaf
Fan Leaf
Image of Snow Beast Head
Snow Beast Head
Image of Space Horse Head
Space Horse Head
Image of XL Beast Retention Gate
XL Beast Retention Gate
Image of Droid Serving Tray
Droid Serving Tray
Image of Podium Set with Art
Podium Set with Art
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