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Killer Droid Blade


  • Image of Killer Droid Blade

Add accessories to your 1:12 scale figures with our resin cast parts. Please allow to 2 weeks for parts to be made then shipped.

Image of OT Heavy Trooper
OT Heavy Trooper
Image of Radical Ruler
Radical Ruler
Image of Spiked Warrior
Spiked Warrior
Image of Owl Warrior
Owl Warrior
Image of Loyal Warrior
Loyal Warrior
Image of Rogue Driver
Rogue Driver
Image of Simple Man Armor
Simple Man Armor
Image of Container Selection
Container Selection
Image of Pauldron Selection
Pauldron Selection
Image of  Pouch Selection
Pouch Selection
Image of Blaster Selection
Blaster Selection
Image of Select a Rifle
Select a Rifle
Image of Commander No
Commander No
Image of Engineer
Image of #3 Pilot
#3 Pilot
Image of Helmet with visor and light
Helmet with visor and light
Image of Concept Bounty
Concept Bounty
Image of ABC Trooper
ABC Trooper
Image of Space Pirate
Space Pirate
Image of Dark Lord
Dark Lord
Image of Deathdealer Armor
Deathdealer Armor
Image of Heavy Bounty Hunter
Heavy Bounty Hunter
Image of Spartan
Image of The Moff
The Moff
Image of Equipment Container
Equipment Container
Image of Ammo Cube
Ammo Cube
Image of Farm Boy Battle Pack
Farm Boy Battle Pack
Image of Advanced Bucket
Advanced Bucket
Image of Evil Sister Helmet
Evil Sister Helmet
Image of Troop of the Republic
Troop of the Republic
Image of Blaster with holster
Blaster with holster
Image of Clear Goggles
Clear Goggles
Image of Republic Commander
Republic Commander
Image of Bucket Accessories
Bucket Accessories
Image of Choose your Helmet
Choose your Helmet
Image of Cadet Helmet
Cadet Helmet
Image of Grenade Face Helmet
Grenade Face Helmet
Image of The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian
Image of Outlander Survival Kit
Outlander Survival Kit
Image of Unleashed Armored Pilot
Unleashed Armored Pilot
Image of Dark Assassin Kit
Dark Assassin Kit
Image of Jump Trooper
Jump Trooper
Image of Open Backpack and Slugor or Closed Backpack by FigureWorks
Open Backpack and Slugor or Closed Backpack by FigureWorks
Image of Horned Brute Kit
Horned Brute Kit
Image of Dirt Trooper Battle Pack
Dirt Trooper Battle Pack
Image of Holy City Imperial Backpack designed by Sam Roe
Holy City Imperial Backpack designed by Sam Roe
Image of Desert Trooper Battle Pack
Desert Trooper Battle Pack
Image of Telepathic Bounty Hunter Kit
Telepathic Bounty Hunter Kit
Image of Forest Battle Pack
Forest Battle Pack
Image of Pilot Box with Tube
Pilot Box with Tube
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