The Child


  • Image of The Child
  • Image of The Child

This is a preorder for the child available in 2 different sculpts as resin casts. Please select a size and we will start production on these in 2 weeks. They will then be shipped once ready in the following week.

Image of The Moff
The Moff
Image of Cooling Barrel by FigureWorks
Cooling Barrel by FigureWorks
Image of Cube with Canisters
Cube with Canisters
Image of Equipment Container
Equipment Container
Image of Ammo Cube
Ammo Cube
Image of Skull and Spine
Skull and Spine
Image of Customizable Piping
Customizable Piping
Image of Electrical Conduit
Electrical Conduit
Image of Koolio
Image of Carl
Image of Bill
Image of Ancient Sith Lord
Ancient Sith Lord
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