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Grey Alien


  • Image of Grey Alien

Build your own 1:12 scale Grey Alien and be amongst the first to explore a galaxy far, far away! 1:12 scale parts all sold separately and made when ordered. Please allow to 2 weeks for parts to be made then shipped.

Image of Robotic Hunter Kit by Skylu3D
Robotic Hunter Kit by Skylu3D
Image of Executioner Kit by Skylu3D
Executioner Kit by Skylu3D
Image of Speeder Bike
Speeder Bike
Image of Thruster effects
Thruster effects
Image of Alien Hunter Helmet
Alien Hunter Helmet
Image of Cold Weather Hunter
Cold Weather Hunter
Image of Hunter with Helmet Light
Hunter with Helmet Light
Image of Hunter Pilot 1
Hunter Pilot 1
Image of Hunter Pilot 2
Hunter Pilot 2
Image of Cylo-Hunter
Image of Mando Hunter
Mando Hunter
Image of Concept Pilot Helmet
Concept Pilot Helmet
Image of Shadow  Helmet
Shadow Helmet
Image of Speeder Bike Pilot
Speeder Bike Pilot
Image of Samurai Kit
Samurai Kit
Image of Spear
Image of Scavenger Kit
Scavenger Kit
Image of Pedro
Image of Alien hands and feet
Alien hands and feet
Image of Flexible replacement hands
Flexible replacement hands
Image of Radical Ruler
Radical Ruler
Image of Radical Ruler backpack by Hammerfall Customs
Radical Ruler backpack by Hammerfall Customs
Image of Spiked Warrior
Spiked Warrior
Image of Owl Warrior
Owl Warrior
Image of Owl Warrior backpack
Owl Warrior backpack
Image of Loyal Warrior
Loyal Warrior
Image of Bill
Image of Simple Man
Simple Man
Image of Simple Man Armor
Simple Man Armor
Image of Ammo belt in flex resin
Ammo belt in flex resin
Image of Baldie
Image of Leather Head
Leather Head
Image of Squid Head #2
Squid Head #2
Image of Squid Head #3 by Centerpoint Customs
Squid Head #3 by Centerpoint Customs
Image of Killer Droid Head
Killer Droid Head
Image of Beardo
Image of Space Western Diorama Accessories 1:12 scale
Space Western Diorama Accessories 1:12 scale
Image of Container Selection
Container Selection
Image of  Pouch Selection
Pouch Selection
Image of Select a Rifle
Select a Rifle
Image of Smiley
Image of Deathdealer Armor
Deathdealer Armor
Image of Heavy Bounty Hunter
Heavy Bounty Hunter
Image of Spartan
Image of Equipment Container
Equipment Container
Image of Ammo Cube
Ammo Cube
Image of Band Member
Band Member
Image of Evil Sister Helmet
Evil Sister Helmet
Image of Tentacool by Centerpoint Customs
Tentacool by Centerpoint Customs
Image of Clear Goggles
Clear Goggles
Image of Spider Alien
Spider Alien
Image of Dino Head Alien
Dino Head Alien
Image of Carl
Image of Bucket Accessories
Bucket Accessories
Image of Cadet Helmet
Cadet Helmet
Image of Bearded Thug 94
Bearded Thug 94
Image of Djas
Image of Solo Hound
Solo Hound
Image of The Mandolorian
The Mandolorian
Image of Devil Smuggler
Devil Smuggler
Image of Republic Hunter Kit
Republic Hunter Kit
Image of Skeleton Astronaut
Skeleton Astronaut
Image of Junk Dealer
Junk Dealer
Image of Unaltered Clone
Unaltered Clone
Image of Dog Walker
Dog Walker
Image of Sky Rider Leader collaboration with Atom Howler
Sky Rider Leader collaboration with Atom Howler
Image of The Weasel
The Weasel
Image of Helmet with 2 Tubes
Helmet with 2 Tubes
Image of Rogue Bounty Hunter Kit
Rogue Bounty Hunter Kit
Image of Partisan Scout Kit
Partisan Scout Kit
Image of Cammie
Image of Anvil Head Kit
Anvil Head Kit
Image of Bartender Kit
Bartender Kit
Image of Walrus Man
Walrus Man
Image of Evil Doctor
Evil Doctor
Image of Devilman
Image of Sirln
Image of Rockabilly Spacer
Rockabilly Spacer
Image of Rodian Kit
Rodian Kit
Image of Terminal Man
Terminal Man
Image of Terminal Man Headgear
Terminal Man Headgear
Image of Wolfman #1 with hands
Wolfman #1 with hands
Image of Wolfman #2
Wolfman #2
Image of Snaggletooth Kit
Snaggletooth Kit
Image of Yam Nose
Yam Nose
Image of Gotal Kit
Gotal Kit
Image of Ghost Face
Ghost Face
Image of Imperial Spy
Imperial Spy
Image of Little Batface kit
Little Batface kit
Image of Four-Eyes Kit
Four-Eyes Kit
Image of Boom Kit
Boom Kit
Image of Brainiac Kit
Brainiac Kit
Image of Speeder Salesman Kit
Sold out
Speeder Salesman Kit
Image of Nunb Kit
Nunb Kit
Image of Reptilian Alien
Reptilian Alien
Image of Bounty Shoes
Bounty Shoes
Image of Telepathic Bounty Hunter Kit
Telepathic Bounty Hunter Kit
Image of Squid Head Kit
Squid Head Kit
Image of Tri-Clops Kit
Tri-Clops Kit
Image of Amani Headhunter Figure Kit
Amani Headhunter Figure Kit
Image of Yak Face
Yak Face
Image of Tongued Slug
Tongued Slug
Image of Starfish
Image of Dancing Green Alien
Dancing Green Alien
Image of Dancing Alien
Dancing Alien
Image of Creepy Servant
Creepy Servant
Image of Bread Crumb
Bread Crumb
Image of Dog Face
Dog Face
Image of Desert Alien
Desert Alien
Image of Frog Dog
Frog Dog
Image of Droid Dungeon Supervisor
Droid Dungeon Supervisor
Image of Flame Effects
Flame Effects
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