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  • Image of Gussets

These flexible gussets can be used to easily add articulated arms to our cast torsos. They fit most 1:12 upper shoulder, elbow and hand joints. Please allow to 2 weeks for parts to be made then shipped.

Image of Samurai Kit
Samurai Kit
Image of Evolution Trooper by Skylu3D Design
Evolution Trooper by Skylu3D Design
Image of Scavenger Kit
Scavenger Kit
Image of Female Knight Armor
Female Knight Armor
Image of RAY Robot Head
RAY Robot Head
Image of Dark Robot model kit by Skylu3D Design
Dark Robot model kit by Skylu3D Design
Image of Evil Master
Evil Master
Image of Rebuilt Chosen One
Rebuilt Chosen One
Image of Alien hands and feet
Alien hands and feet
Image of Radical Ruler
Radical Ruler
Image of Spiked Warrior
Spiked Warrior
Image of Owl Warrior
Owl Warrior
Image of Loyal Warrior
Loyal Warrior
Image of Simple Man Armor
Simple Man Armor
Image of Leather Head
Leather Head
Image of Backwater Planet Thug
Backwater Planet Thug
Image of Dogface Leader sculpted by Rob Auquier
Dogface Leader sculpted by Rob Auquier
Image of The Child
The Child
Image of Tank Robot
Tank Robot
Image of Pauldron Selection
Pauldron Selection
Image of  Pouch Selection
Pouch Selection
Image of Desert Skiff Pilot
Desert Skiff Pilot
Image of Smiley
Image of Lord of Hunger
Lord of Hunger
Image of ABC Trooper
ABC Trooper
Image of Space Pirate
Space Pirate
Image of Deathdealer Armor
Deathdealer Armor
Image of The Moff
The Moff
Image of Skull and Spine
Skull and Spine
Image of Mother of Sand with Child
Mother of Sand with Child
Image of Farm Boy Battle Pack
Farm Boy Battle Pack
Image of Horse Head
Horse Head
Image of Kool Alien
Kool Alien
Image of Troop of the Republic
Troop of the Republic
Image of Rogue Shorty by Atom Howler and Centerpoint Customs
Rogue Shorty by Atom Howler and Centerpoint Customs
Image of Fish Pilot
Fish Pilot
Image of Human Pilot A
Human Pilot A
Image of Clear Goggles
Clear Goggles
Image of Dino Head Alien
Dino Head Alien
Image of Republic Commander
Republic Commander
Image of Bucket Accessories
Bucket Accessories
Image of Lotty Doddy
Lotty Doddy
Image of Defecting Pilot
Defecting Pilot
Image of The Smoker
The Smoker
Image of Hammerhead
Image of Solo Hound
Solo Hound
Image of Outlander Survival Kit
Outlander Survival Kit
Image of Bearded Rebel General
Bearded Rebel General
Image of Raisin Head Kit
Raisin Head Kit
Image of Ancient Sith Lord
Ancient Sith Lord
Image of Dark, Wise One
Dark, Wise One
Image of Evil Moff Kit
Evil Moff Kit
Image of Acolyte Kit
Acolyte Kit
Image of Unleashed Apprentice
Unleashed Apprentice
Image of Raxus Unleashed
Raxus Unleashed
Image of Unleashed Pilot Kit
Unleashed Pilot Kit
Image of Unleashed Armored Pilot
Unleashed Armored Pilot
Image of Sentinel Kit
Sentinel Kit
Image of Female Battlefield Hero Kit
Female Battlefield Hero Kit
Image of Dreaded Knight
Dreaded Knight
Image of Dreaded Grey Knight
Dreaded Grey Knight
Image of Devil Smuggler
Devil Smuggler
Image of Republic Hunter Kit
Republic Hunter Kit
Image of Kyle Kit
Kyle Kit
Image of The Chosen One Kit
The Chosen One Kit
Image of Wise Master Knight Kit
Wise Master Knight Kit
Image of Cone Head Kit
Cone Head Kit
Image of Blue Master
Blue Master
Image of Evil Assistant
Evil Assistant
Image of Blob Warrior Kit
Blob Warrior Kit
Image of Dark Assassin Kit
Dark Assassin Kit
Image of Junk Dealer
Junk Dealer
Image of Desert Nomad Kit
Desert Nomad Kit
Image of Skeleton Astronaut
Skeleton Astronaut
Image of Jump Trooper
Jump Trooper
Image of Trooper Commander w/Visor Kit
Trooper Commander w/Visor Kit
Image of Gunner Trooper Kit
Gunner Trooper Kit
Image of Air Raid Trooper
Air Raid Trooper
Image of Space Marine Kit
Space Marine Kit
Image of Specialized Forest Trooper Kit
Specialized Forest Trooper Kit
Image of Animated Cold Weather Gear
Animated Cold Weather Gear
Image of Animated Driver Kit
Animated Driver Kit
Image of Open Backpack and Slugor or Closed Backpack by FigureWorks
Open Backpack and Slugor or Closed Backpack by FigureWorks
Image of Animated Wise Master
Animated Wise Master
Image of Animated Chosen One
Animated Chosen One
Image of Evil Horns Kit
Evil Horns Kit
Image of Horned Brute Kit
Horned Brute Kit
Image of Young Smuggler
Young Smuggler
Image of Dirt Trooper Battle Pack
Dirt Trooper Battle Pack
Image of Sky Rider Leader collaboration with Atom Howler
Sky Rider Leader collaboration with Atom Howler
Image of The Weasel
The Weasel
Image of Rogue Bounty Hunter Kit
Rogue Bounty Hunter Kit
Image of Partisan Scout Kit
Partisan Scout Kit
Image of Rogue Alien Kit
Rogue Alien Kit
Image of Blue Calmari
Blue Calmari
Image of Desert Trooper Battle Pack
Desert Trooper Battle Pack
Image of Desert Narc
Desert Narc
Image of Deluxe Space Princes
Deluxe Space Princes
Image of Anvil Head Kit
Anvil Head Kit
Image of Bartender Kit
Bartender Kit
Image of Rockabilly Spacer
Rockabilly Spacer
Image of Rodian Kit
Rodian Kit
Image of Gotal Kit
Gotal Kit
Image of Little Batface kit
Little Batface kit
Image of Four-Eyes Kit
Four-Eyes Kit
Image of Boom Kit
Boom Kit
Image of Brainiac Kit
Brainiac Kit
Image of Speeder Salesman Kit
Speeder Salesman Kit
Image of CZ Droid Kit
CZ Droid Kit
Image of Generic Rebel Pilot Kit
Generic Rebel Pilot Kit
Image of Red Two Pilot Kit
Red Two Pilot Kit
Image of DS Droid
DS Droid
Image of Snow Commander Kit
Snow Commander Kit
Image of Generic Hoth Rebel Pilot Kit
Generic Hoth Rebel Pilot Kit
Image of Hoth Red Five Pilot Kit
Hoth Red Five Pilot Kit
Image of Ultimate Red Five Set
Ultimate Red Five Set
Image of Cold Weather General Kit
Cold Weather General Kit
Image of Cold Weather Rebel
Cold Weather Rebel
Image of Medical Droid Kit
Medical Droid Kit
Image of Swamp Training Kit
Swamp Training Kit
Image of Cyborg Kit
Cyborg Kit
Image of Cloud Guard Kit
Cloud Guard Kit
Image of Bullock Cloud Guard Kit
Bullock Cloud Guard Kit
Image of Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream Maker
Image of Space Pig set
Space Pig set
Image of Nunb Kit
Nunb Kit
Image of Reptilian Alien
Reptilian Alien
Image of Desert Bounty Hunter Kit
Desert Bounty Hunter Kit
Image of Telepathic Bounty Hunter Kit
Telepathic Bounty Hunter Kit
Image of Squid Head Kit
Squid Head Kit
Image of Tri-Clops Kit
Tri-Clops Kit
Image of Amani Headhunter Figure Kit
Amani Headhunter Figure Kit
Image of Tongued Slug
Tongued Slug
Image of Bread Crumb
Bread Crumb
Image of Desert Alien
Desert Alien
Image of Droid Dungeon Supervisor
Droid Dungeon Supervisor
Image of Forest Battle Pack
Forest Battle Pack
Image of Furry Friend Kit #1
Furry Friend Kit #1
Image of Furry Shaman Kit
Furry Shaman Kit
Image of Island Dweller Kit #2
Island Dweller Kit #2
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